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And so it finally begins...

So today, I start trying to maintain a weekly blog to let everyone know what I am up to. This past week was 4 days of intense and wonderful training with an amazing group of educators. It was exhausting yet inspiring. On Friday, I got my first day in the Congressional Office of Congressman Mark DeSaulnier. Congress is currently on recess until September, so things are quite on the hill, but I am grateful to have a couple of weeks of quiet while I figure out all the components of my job. The Congressman and most of his staff are still in California, but I was able to meet and work with my mentor yesterday. Opened my official government email to find over 100 unread emails..... Signed up for a lot more information to be delivered to my email and started researching for my 1st official task- a memo for the Congressman. I will be serving as the Legislative Advisor for Education, Science and Technology, so I will be the go-to person for informing the Congressman on any activity in the House on those topics. I feel like I learned the 1st layer is what is going to be a 20-layer cake. There are so many moving pieces, so I will have to up my game to keep on top of everything. But it's already exciting to see what is happening on Capitol Hill and I am thrilled to be a part of it!!

The two pictures include me with the Einstein statue in DC (and in a dress!) and my view on the way to work...not bad at all :)

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