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I have arrived in Washington DC, got my apartment set up, and am ready to begin this experience of a lifetime.

Getting here was quite the adventure. My mom graciously volunteered to drive the 1350 miles with me and we were planning a leisurely 3 day trek, leaving on Mon 8/1 and arriving 8/3 to pick up my keys. But 20 minutes into our adventure, while on the interstate, a trumpeter swan hit our car, shattering the windshield and landing partly in my mom's lap. It was a terrifying experience and we are grateful that we were able to walk away with only minor cuts.

We got towed back to Fargo and managed to find a place that replaced our windshield Tuesday morning (Ron's!). Now a leisurely 3-day trek became a crazy 2-day drive. Leaving Fargo at 11:30am, we drove 730 miles over 11.5 hours to arrive in South Bend, Indiana at midnight. Operating on only 4 hours of sleep, we drove 610 miles over 9.5 hours to arrive in DC in time to pick up my apartment keys. Spent the next couple of days unpacking, finding groceries, and putting together a crazy coffee table and sleeper sofa. We found time to visit the White House, the Congressional Office I will be in, Capitol Hill and several monuments on a night bus tour. I could not have done this without my mom! So grateful for her time, support and love!

Looking forward to starting orientation on August 15th and starting in my Congressional Office on August 19th. Also looking forward to hosting friends and family :)

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