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The sad truth...

Last spring, when I was selected to be an Albert Einstein Distinguished Fellow, my local newspaper, the Fargo Forum, did an article about me: the process of being selected as the first Fellow from ND, what I was going to be doing and the circumstances in which I left my school.

In the past week or so, I got a call from another local reporter who wanted to do a follow-up story, highlighting my accomplishments. The article was put on the front page of today's Fargo Forum. Unfortunately, that story also includes the sad truth that I have talked about in a previous email: I was told my application would not be considered for an open science position. I have my own thoughts about why, but my former district paints a different picture. With the link to the article below, I will let you make your own opinions. It is worth noting that I was contacted for 4 different science positions in Fargo Public Schools based on the merits of my application.

My time here in DC has been the experience of a lifetime and I have no regrets. I will leave you with my favorite picture of Congressman DeSaulnier and I when I accompanied him on an Educational Listening Tour in his district in February.

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